National Programs


Journey of HopeEach summer, 90 undergraduate and alumni members from across the United States cycle 4,000 miles from the west coast to Washington, D.C. participating in activities and events to promote a greater understanding of people with disabilities. Through team member fundraising and corporate sponsorships, the event raises more than $600,000. Along the journey, riders participate in service projects and raising awareness about disabilities. There are now three routes on the Journey of Hope: North, South, and Trans America.


Gear Up FloridaGear Up Florida cycles through Florida communities to raise funds and awareness for people with disabilities. Every Summer 35 undergraduates and alumni of Pi Kappa Phi cycle 800 miles through 13 cities before ending in Tallahassee. Gear Up Florida raises more than $75,000, through team member fundraising and corporate sponsorships.


Build AmericaBuild America is a six-week summer program where members of Pi Kappa Phi construct accessible environments at six camps that support people with disabilities across the country. Team members have the opportunity for extended personal interaction with the campers who benefit from their hard work, making this a very unique and life enriching experience for all involved.


Ability CampAbility Camps provide undergraduate members the opportunity to spend a high quality Spring Break renovating camps and building accessible environments that will enhance the summer camp experience of a person with a disability. This alternative spring break is programmed around hard work, volunteerism, leadership, brotherhood, and fun.


Ability WeekendAbility Weekends are national service programs that provide funding and manpower to build and renovate structures such as accessible fishing piers, boardwalks, pavilions and playgrounds for facilities that support people with disabilities.


Ability Experience ChallengeThe Ability Experience Challenge is a campaign giving everyone the opportunity to display their human ability by competing in endurance events across the country and raising funds and awareness for people with disabilities. The challenge is designed to provide an opportunity for people to take an unselfish approach to endurance competition.


Page Image- Beta Omicron Pi AlphasThe Pi Alpha Society has grown to over 1,000 members and is made up of men who have participated in Build America, Gear Up Florida or Journey of Hope team events. The society’s mission is to keep its members actively engaged in different roles supporting The Ability Experience.

Members of the Beta Omicron Chapter who have been inducted into the Pi Alpha Society include:

  • Chris Baker: Journey of Hope (2001)
  • Wes Breeden: Journey of Hope (2001)
  • Steven Austin: Journey of Hope (2002)
  • John Gillard: Build America (2003)
  • Rodney Clements: Journey of Hope (2007)
  • DJ Klucznik: Journey of Hope (2007)
  • Wil Adams: Gear Up Florida (2007)
  • John Hall: Gear Up Florida (2007)
  • Collin McKnight: Journey of Hope (2008)
  • Adam Upshaw: Journey of Hope (2008)
  • Cody Bourque: Gear Up Florida (2008)
  • Nick Breaux: Gear Up Florida (2008, 2010); Journey of Hope (2010)
  • Cameron Moises: Gear Up Florida (2009, 2010); Journey of Hope (2011)
  • Jon Lee: Gear Up Florida (2010)
  • Chase Harvey: Gear Up Florida (2010); Journey of Hope (2011)
  • Chris Alley: Gear Up Florida (2011)
  • Ryan Jeffords: Gear Up Florida (2012)
  • Sean Austin: Gear Up Florida (2013, 2015); Journey of Hope (2016)
  • Austin Craft: Gear Up Florida (2015)
  • Zack Cockerham: Gear Up Florida (2015)
  • Thomas Marlbrough: Journey of Hope (2016)
  • William Devall: Journey of Hope (2016)
  • Michael Dailey: Journey of Hope (2016); Gear Up Florida (2017)
  • David Johnson: Gear Up Florida (2017)