Beta Omicron Chapter Archons

Beta Omicron Executive Council, circa 1963

To no other official position in the chapter accrues such honor and such privilege of service and influence as to that of the chapter Archon (President).

It is an office that must be conquered or the individual will be quickly swamped and defeated. The Archon is set apart, stamped with leadership and responsibility, and then observed in all his actions. Admiration and recognition placed him there, and he must prove himself worthy of these.

The chapter morale will depend upon his moral courage, his decisiveness, his fairness, his initiative, his tact and his mental equilibrium.

The condition of the chapter will reflect the tone of his admiration as a mirror reflects one’s physical appearance. It is the final test of the individual as to his ability to command, to coordinate, and to act.

These following members have served as archon, leading the Beta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity through more than 65 years of brotherhood at Northwestern State University.

Semester Served:       


1956 (Fall)
Jack P. McCain, Jr.
1957 (Spring)
1957 (Fall)
Maxie Almond/ Jerry R. Payne
Robert F. Kelley
1958 (Spring)
1958 (Fall)
John H. Wheat
Michael Murphy
1959 (Spring)
1959 (Fall)
Percy A. Little
James Brister
1960 (Spring)
1960 (Fall)
Karl W. Moore
Roland McKneely, Jr.
1961 (Spring)
1961 (Fall)
Jerry B. Willis
Roy Bostick
1962 (Spring)
1962 (Fall)
Larry Rice
George Cameron
1963 (Spring)
1963 (Fall)
Paul Rochette
Bill Rutledge
1964 (Spring)
1964 (Fall)
Jerry Spears
Bill Thompson
1965 (Spring)
1965 (Fall)
Shelton Eubanks
Shelton Eubanks
1966 (Spring)
1966 (Fall)
Michael Moncrief
Shelton Eubanks
1967 (Spring)
1967 (Fall)
Tommy Ferguson
Tommy Ferguson
1968 (Spring)
1968 (Fall)
Sam Parry
Larrie Gracie
1969 (Spring)
1969 (Fall)
Larrie Gracie
Juan Slaton
1970 (Spring)
1970 (Fall)
Juan Slaton
Juan Slaton
1971 (Spring)
1971 (Fall)
Valsin Marmillion
David D. Morgan, Sr.
1972 (Spring)
1972 (Fall)
David D. Morgan, Sr.
Ruben Tweedy
1973 (Spring)
1973 (Fall)
William W. Traylor
Michael Shannon
1974 (Spring)
1974 (Fall)
Michael C. Allain
Jesse Hammett/ John Springer
1975 (Spring)
1975 (Fall)
John Springer
Scott Roach
1976 (Spring)
1976 (Fall)
Michael C. Allain
Bert D. Nichols
1977 (Spring)
1977 (Fall)
Bert D. Nichols/ David Hall
Gary W. Pennington
1978 (Spring)
1978 (Fall)
Gary W. Pennington
Gary W. Pennington
1979 (Spring)
1979 (Fall)
John Hennigan
Joe Nobles
1980 (Spring)
1980 (Fall)
Siamak Moaveni
Darrell Gordy
1981 (Spring)
Chapter Closed
1999 (Spring) Associate Chapter
1999 (Fall)     Associate Chapter
Wesley Breeden
Wesley Breeden
2000 (Spring) Re-chartered
2000 (Fall)
Wesley Breeden/ David D. Morgan, Jr.
David D. Morgan, Jr.
2001 (Spring)
2001 (Fall)
C. Michael Johnson, Jr.
C. Michael Johnson, Jr.
2002 (Spring)
2002 (Fall)
Adam Hebert
Christopher Lyles
2003 (Spring)
2003 (Fall)
Chad Black
Chad Black
2004 (Spring)
2004 (Fall)
Steven Austin
Joshua Robert
2005 (Spring)
2005 (Fall)
Rodney Clements
Rodney Clements
2006 (Spring)
2006 (Fall)
Robert Lockwood
M. Kie Boyett
2007 (Spring)
2007 (Fall)
Daniel J. Klucznik
Daniel J. Klucznik
2008 (Spring)
2008 (Fall)
J. Britt Richey
J. Britt Richey
2009 (Spring)
2009 (Fall)
William Adams
J. Britt Richey
2010 (Spring)
2010 (Fall)
Jon Lee
Jon Lee
2011 (Spring)
2011 (Fall)
M. Scott Mayeaux
M. Scott Mayeaux
2012 (Spring)
2012 (Fall)
Ryan Jeffords
Ryan Jeffords
2013 (Spring)
2013 (Fall)
C. Jake Bryan
Kolt Kays
2014 (Spring)
2014 (Fall)
Kyler Halbert
Kyler Halbert
2015 (Spring)
2015 (Fall)
Sean Austin
Sean Austin
2016 (Spring)
2016 (Fall)
Tyler Robinson
Thomas Marlbrough
2017 (Spring)
2017 (Fall)
Thomas Marlbrough
Thomas Marlbrough
2018 (Spring)
2018 (Fall)
David Johnson
David Johnson
2019 (Spring)
2019 (Fall)
Nich Olivares
Nich Olivares
2020 (Spring)
2020 (Fall)
Colton Campbell
Colton Campbell/ Jay Pace
2021 (Spring)
2021 (Fall)
Matthew Raybon
Matthew Raybon
2022 (Spring)
2022 (Fall)
Trace Anthon
Trace Anthon