Current Alumni Chapter Members

The Beta Omicron Alumni Chapter would like to recognize these alumni who are upholding their commitment to lifelong brotherhood in Pi Kappa Phi. We appreciate their generous support through monthly one-time, monthly, or annual dues. These gifts are help support the student chapter through scholarships, special projects, alumni events, and operation of the alumni-owned chapter house.

To learn more about joining the alumni chapter or making a contribution, click here.

The following members are current as of October 2022 (Homecoming):

Michael Allain (BO 197)
Chris Alley (BO 467)
Maxie Almond (BO 2)
Sean Austin (BO 516)
Steven Austin (BO 317)
Andy Bachman (BO 168)
Charles Bice (BO 8)
Cody Bourque (BO 435)
Nick Breaux (BO 445)
Wes Breeden (BO 286)
Robert Broadwell (BO 198)
Stan Brouillette (BO 205)
Kevin Bruce (BO 469)
Steven Carrier (BO 351)
Greg Comeaux (BO 333)
Shayne Creppel (BO 463)
Michael Dailey (BO 552)
Shawn Daily (BO 252)
George Etheredge (BO 181)
Jonathan Grant (BO 305)
Chase Harvey (BO 475)
Doug Ireland (BO 452)
Ryan Jeffords (BO 497)
Bruce Kinder (BO 231)
Joey Kliebert (BO 367)
DJ Klucznik (BO 391)
Robert Lockwood (BO 335)
Lane Luckie (BO 405)
Bill Luckie (BO 431)
Chris Lyles, PhD (BO 322)
Thomas Marlbrough (BO 547)
Steve McCutcheon (BO 141)
Michael Melsheimer (BO 376)
David Morgan, Jr. (BO 307)
David Morgan, Sr. (BO 173)
Bill Morrison, PhD (BO 451)
Logan Nolan (BO 325)
John Parish (BO 221)
Alan Pasch (BO 357)
Taylor Richard (BO 438)
Monte Robinson (BO 174)
Christopher Sanders (BO 460)
Randy Smith (BO 389)
John Springer (BO 222)
Mark Springer (BO 523)
Jason Stelly (BO 355)
Kyle Thomas (BO 290)
Danny Vestal (BO 196)