Beta Omicron Chapter Advisors

Beta Omicron Chapter Advisor Jack McCain, Jr. holds the Karl M. Gibbon Award for Scholastic Achievement, 1968.

The Chapter Advisor is appointed by the Pi Kappa Phi National Council but are not required to be members of Pi Kappa Phi. The Chapter Advisor oversees the entire operation of the Beta Omicron chapter.

In this critical volunteer role, they help create a top-notch fraternity experience on the Northwestern State campus. Chapter advisors attend chapter and executive council meetings, develop a strong relationship with student leaders, and help guide the chapter toward a successful future. These volunteers are mentors for the undergraduate members, helping each individual find success.

These following have served as Chapter Advisor, guiding the Beta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity through more than 65 years of brotherhood at Northwestern State University:

Term of Service:

Chapter Advisor:

1956 to 1959 Mr. James S. Mims
1960 to 196? Mr. Weldon R. “Jeff” Walker
196? to 1968 (Research in progress)
1968 to 1970 Mr. Hugh Kim Curry
1970 to 1972 Mr. Ernest “Coach” Hill
1972 to 1973 Mr. Everett Baker
1973 to 1974 Mr. Ken Terway
1974 to 197? Mr. Freddy Goodman
1976 to 197? Mr. Ruben Tweedy
1978 to 1981 Dr. Wayne Guin
1999 to 2003 Mr. George Etheredge, Jr.
2003 to 2005 Dr. Scott Roach
2005 to 2006 Mr. Justin Owen
2006 to 2007 Mr. Dion Boyett
2007 to 2008 Mr. Shawn Daily, Jr.
2008 to 2022 Mr. Doug Ireland