Beta Omicron Chapter marks Pi Kappa Phi’s 113th anniversary with Founders’ Day banquet

113 years after Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was founded at the College of Charleston, its Beta Omicron Chapter at Northwestern State University honored this tradition of leadership with a semi-formal banquet and ceremony.

On December 1, 2017, the chapter’s annual Founders’ Day banquet commemorated that spirit of friendship with members and their guests gathering at Merci Beaucoup Restaurant in downtown Natchitoches.

The fraternity traces its roots to a meeting of three friends on a quiet Charleston, South Carolina evening in 1904. On December 10, Andrew Kroeg, Simon Fogarty and Harry Mixson started their own fraternity based on friendship and loyalty. The group of three grew to seven; seven grew to eight; eight grew to 11.

Over the course of a century, a fraternity with humble beginnings has grown into a brotherhood of more than 111,000 strong — all because three men made a choice to lead.

In 1956 that same spirit planted roots at Northwestern State, when members of Phi Kappa Nu, a local fraternity, made the decision to affiliate with Pi Kappa Phi and establish the Beta Omicron Chapter.

On December 10, 1905, founder Mixson’s mother prepared a special dinner to celebrate the achievements of the founding fathers in their first year as a fraternity. That tradition continues as student chapters around the country mark the occasion in a similar manner.

Newly elected Chapter President David Johnson welcomed the members, alumni, and other guests to the evening before the meal and presentation of the Founders’ Memorial Service. Members then serenaded the women in the room with “The Rose of Pi Kappa Phi.”

The Alpha Lambda associate class presented their big brothers with personalized paddles as a token of gratitude for a semester of mentoring and friendship.

To view pictures from this event, click here.

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