2010-2011 Board of directors elected to Beta Omicron Alumni Association

Story Image- Alumni ChapterA slate of seven alumni of the Beta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity have been elected to guide the efforts of the chapter alumni association/ housing corporation. David Morgan; Lane Luckie, David Morgan, Jr.; Joey Kliebert; Kie Boyett; Joshua Alost; and George Etheredge will serve on the 2010-2011 board of directors. These alumni officers will manage the Beta Omicron Alumni Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Housing Corporation, a non-profit organization that exists to advance the interests of the student chapter and provide education housing facilities to undergraduate members.

As president, David Morgan will be responsible for the overall strategic direction of the alumni group. Morgan will implement the vision plan for the group, as well as manage the activities of committees and other board members.

As vice president, Lane Luckie will serve in the absence of the president, oversee all communication efforts, serve as custodian of member records, coordinate publication of an alumni newsletter, assist the director of alumni events as needed, and direct alumni member recruitment.

As treasurer, David Morgan, Junior will ensure the financial well-being of the alumni association/ housing corporation by creating a budget, overseeing all accounting duties (including accounts receivable/ payable), file tax returns, and develop a long-term financial plan.

As secretary, Joey Kliebert will be responsible for maintaining all official meeting minutes and notices, including regular conference calls. Kliebert will also oversee the creation and development of several regional alumni groups in cities where several Beta Omicron alumni reside. All regional events, such as the annual Journey of Hope stop in Shreveport will also be coordinated by the secretary.

Kie Boyett will serve the board as director of alumni events. Annual gatherings such as Homecoming, the Founders Day Observance, Extra Mile Scholarship Banquet, Push America events, and reunions will be under the direction of Boyett. He will serve as the primary liaison with the student for event planning. Boyett will also assist the vice president as needed.

Overseeing the direction of undergraduate housing is the primary responsibility of Joshua Alost. As director of housing, Alost will be the primary liaison to the student residents of the alumni association/ housing corporation-owned property at 730 University Parkway in Natchitoches. He will oversee the safety and maintenance of the chapter house, as well as identify ways to improve the housing experience for our student members.

George Etheredge will serve as the director of graduating senior outreach. Etheredge will maintain contact with the student chapter to educate seniors of their life-long responsibility as members of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. He will also coordinate any graduating senior ceremonies, as well as recruit these members to join the alumni association.

The board of directors will be supported by several committees, as well as the dozens of dues-paying alumni association members. Those members supporting the efforts of the alumni association are listed below. To join, please click the document below and return the membership form and dues to the address provided.

Click here to join the Beta Omicron Alumni Chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Housing Corporation

2010-2011 dues-paying members include:

  • Wil Adams (#416)
  • Mike Allain (#197)
  • Joshua Alost (#406)
  • Steven Austin (#317)
  • Andy Bachman (#168)
  • Kie Boyett (#385)
  • Wes Breeden (#286)
  • Robert Broadwell (#198)
  • Rodney Clements (#383)
  • Greg Comeaux (#333)
  • Shayne Creppel (#463)
  • Shawn Daily (#252)
  • Shelton Eubanks (#87)
  • George Etheredge (#181)
  • John Hall (#423)
  • Chad Hancock (#407)
  • Bruce Kinder (#231)
  • Joey Kliebert (#367)
  • Mike Land, PhD (#363)
  • Lane Luckie (#405)
  • Josh Manotas (#490)
  • Steve McCutcheon (#141)
  • David Morgan (#173)
  • David Morgan, Junior (#307)
  • Bill Morrison, PhD (#451)
  • Justin Owen (#369)
  • Logan Nolan (#325)
  • Jason Phillips (#286)
  • Taylor Richard (#438)
  • Randy Smith (#389)
  • Jason Stelly (#355)
  • Kyle Thomas (#290)
  • Cory Wilson (#311)
  • Rick Yates (#176)