Good fences make good brothers

“Good fences make good brothers”A take on the 17th-century English proverb “Good fences build good neighbors” could certainly ring true in modern-day Natchitoches, Louisiana.

While a new fence at the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity house will certainly be appreciated by neighbors, the band of brothers which resides at 730 University Parkway is the real benefactor.

After two decades of drawing the boundaries of a back yard, it was time to replace the fence. On February 11, 2011 dozens of alumni and student members worked alongside one another in what will hopefully become an annual work day at the chapter house. After more than two months of planning by alumnus Joshua Alost and students Kolt Kays and Ryan Jeffords, the project was ready to become reality.

Student members had already demolished the existing wood-plank fence, allowing construction to begin promptly at 10 o’clock. Despite a chilly bite to the morning air, the project took shape quickly. Armed with nail guns, hammers, string and chalk lines, alumni and student volunteers moved like professionals.

Alumni Bill Luckie, Taylor Richard, Bill Morrison, Chris Reich, David Morgan, Sr., Steven Austin, Cory Wilson, Foster Adams, and Jon Lee helped lend their expertise. Each volunteer had varying levels of construction knowledge, but meshed seamlessly to arrive at the most efficient construction plan. Inside the house, another team was fast-moving on a new coat of paint for the kitchen and touch-ups in several rooms. Alumni Robert Broadwell, Lane Luckie and Shayne Creppel led the painting, deep cleaning, and de-cluttering of several rooms. Shawn Daily and Chad Hancock even stopped by for a short time to inspect the work of their fellow alumni members.

“I couldn’t be more impressed by the quality of work achieved by our student and alumni volunteers,” said Beta Omicron Alumni Association President Lane Luckie. “If things don’t work out in our current careers, we should go into business!”

The entire project was underwritten by the Beta Omicron Alumni Association/ Housing Corporation. Materials and other costs were also funded through generous donations from alumni Bruce Kinder, Charles Bice, Cory Wilson, and David Morgan, Sr. By the end of the fast-moving day a beautiful cedar fence enclosed the back yard, making for a more secure and appealing gathering space. Trees were trimmed, walls were painted, and the brotherhood learned an important lesson in teamwork.

Drawing a parallel between the project and the proverb, it appears “good fences” also make good brothers. Several generations of Pi Kapps realized their experiences are not that different and that the Fraternity is a lifelong commitment to brotherhood.

To view pictures from this event, visit:!/media/set/?set=a.10151290577495416.807849.91568675415&type=1

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