Beta Omicron among leading chapters in contributions to Pi Kappa Phi Foundation

Last year, alumni of the Beta Omicron chapter were among the biggest supporters of the educational efforts of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. Of 226 total chapters, Beta Omicron was ranked 2nd in total contributions. Twelve alumni contributed $29,755 in support of educational initiatives of the Foundation in 2011.

The Pi Kappa Phi Foundation works to connect the charitable intentions of Pi Kappa Phi alumni and friends with the desire of today’s student members to have a memorable and valuable undergraduate Pi Kappa Phi experience.

Each year, the Foundation makes an educational grant to the fraternity which it uses to help offset the costs of its educational programs.  In addition, the Foundation also recognizes a handful of students each year with a number of merit based scholarships.  Most notably of these is the Foundation’s Pi Kapp Scholars program through which seven students are annually identified with Pi Kappa Phi’s highest (and longest running) academic award.

The story of the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation is an evolving narrative that is underpinned by a time-tested fraternal axiom: that one brother, with heart and dedication, can make a lasting difference on Pi Kappa Phi.

Pi Kappa Phi Foundation chairman Nathan Hightower said, “I have the opportunity to interact with students and alumni alike who, despite the fragile state of our economy and uncertainty on the horizon, dig deep year-in and year-out with their time, wisdom and financial resources to support that which stands for something timeless and permanent: Pi Kappa Phi.” The Foundation’s growth in restricted giving doubled between 2009 and 2010. Giving double again between 2010 and 2011. “It is times like this that re-emphasize the timeless values of enduring friendship, camaraderie and an inspired desire to better one’s self that are woven into our fraternity experience.”

Beta Omicron alumni making contributions to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation in 2011 include:

  • David D. Morgan, Sr.
  • David D. Morgan, Jr.
  • Jack P. McCain, Jr.
  • Wesley Breeden
  • Larry Gracie
  • Bruce Kinder
  • John Oden
  • John W. Parish, Jr.
  • Nick Breaux
  • Lane Luckie
  • Justin L. Nolan
  • Monte W. Robinson

If you are interested in learning more about making a tax-deductible contribution, visit or call toll-free (800) 929-1904.

[Information and portions of this article taken from Star and Lamp Magazine and]

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