A moment in Beta Omicron history: 2000 archon’s re-chartering address

The Beta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity is marking 18 years since re-chartering at Northwestern State University. In 1999, a group of dedicated students and alumni embarked on a journey to bring the chapter out of dormancy after it had disbanded in the early 1980s.

On February 12, 2000, 29 young men became re-founding fathers of the Beta Omicron Chapter.

With the dedicated support of distinguished alumni, advisors, family and hard-working brothers, the dream of a new fraternity was alive once again. The re-chartering members were: Wesley Breeden, Todd Boddie, Chris Baker, Kyle Thomas, Rick Guillot, Danny Thomas, Steve Franklin, Danny Thomas, David Morgan Jr., Cory Wilson, Micheal Barras, Ryan Bienert, Justin Hicks, Mike Marston, J.P. Fitzmorris, Shawn Hornsby, Robert Deramus, Luke Hudnall, Brock Oakes, Joe McGowan, Kyle Bobbitt, Brandon Hopkins, Chad Black, Josh Green, Heath Crawford, Jonathan Grant, Todd Modgling, Justin Reynolds, Michael Johnson, and Rick Jones.

The following is the address that re-chartering archon Wesley L. Breeden delivered at the banquet held in the NSU Student Union.


Many people come to college these days to wander through The halls in search of a four year degree, a spouse or just a good time. These people come and go with just a bat of the eye. Never to be remembered again after their presence has left us.

But then there are the few, those who choose to get the most out of their college experience.

They spend there for years wisely, and walk away from this place always remembered for the great things that they have accomplished. You my brothers have accomplished this. That is why you have all gained the title of founding fathers.

For my brothers, it has been a long year, and the long and winding road. Sometimes the road has been rough, full of problems and challenges that face us. In this to keep us safe, we learned to use one thing that we all hold common. And that one thing is brotherhood.

There were many days along our journey that we could have simply thought that it was not going to get any better.

Together we laughed; we learned, and we felt a love from 29 guys that were previously strangers in all our lives. The only thing that could have made this year as joyous as it was, is one thing — brotherhood.

My friends , today or complete Greek system is under attack by force that we often do not like to recognize. That for us is you, and our brothers and sisters that used to wear the Greek letters of a different name and I.

Every time someone that belongs to our Greek community is hazed, arrested, or even worse, dies, a little more what being Greek means is taken away from us, causing the outside world to think less and less of these ideals that we hold sacred.

My brothers, in the past year you have worked hard and have set standards to show our campus and our community that you can be a Greek, a gentleman, and a Christian all at the same time. For this we should all be proud.

But my brothers, we must not stop there. We must work harder than ever to break down the reputation and the stereotype of the typical Greek and set an even higher standard so that others can follow. This is not an easy task, but as brothers we can achieve this together. For this is what I leave as a challenge to us all.

It has truly been a long year, but every second of the work was worth it. You can tell by the looks on our faces. There is much thanks and gratitude that we owe tonight — to our families, friends, alumni, Northwestern State, our nationals and to each other.

But there is nothing that we can give to pay our debts to all of you. Let it be known that you will always be held near, inside the hearts of all of us. Without you, this would not have been possible.

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In the video below, Beta Omicron chapter 1956 founding member John “Buck” Wheat (#29) recalls the first time he met the re-chartering Pi Kapps in 2000.

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