NSU Pi Kapps make an impact for people with disabilities in Central America

Two Pi Kappa Phi brothers from NSU are spending their Spring Break in Guatemala to make an impact for people with disabilities on an international level.

Thomas Marlbrough and Tucker Ellis volunteering in Central America with the fraternity’s philanthropy. The Ability Experience has paired up with local service trip organization, CEDEPCA to provide a world-class immersion service experience benefiting Adisa, a local non-profit organization that serves people with disabilities.

From March 10-18, 2018, the team of Pi Kapps from around the U.S. will be working on an accessibility project to benefit the community, spending time with the clients of Adisa, hiking a volcano, and traveling the countryside. “Each day will be different but full of adventure and the opportunity to build lasting friendships,” the Ability Experience’s website stated.

Adisa was founded by Francisco Sojuel and his wife Maria Argentina Figueroa after the birth of their daughter, Nila Eliza who was born with hydrocephalus. After experiencing the lack of services for people with disabilities in Santiago Atitlan, they worked together to form what is now Adisa in 2003. Adisa is focused on community-based rehabilitation, which allows actions to be developed in a comprehensive manner and involves communities to promote the social inclusion of people with disabilities.

Guatemala does not have legislation similar to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) which means people with disabilities living in Guatemala do not have access to the types of resources available in the U.S.

Each member of the team had a fundraising goal of 500 dollars. “Ultimately accessibility is people helping people and that something every person has the ability to do,” Marlbrough said.

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