Beta Omicron Chapter alumnus inducted into fraternity’s Nu Phi Society

David Morgan, Junior has been inducted into Pi Kappa Phi’s Nu Phi Society, an honorary group that recognizes an alumnus’ lifelong commitment to the fraternity.

The 2000 initiate became the third alumnus of the Beta Omicron Chapter at Northwestern State University to join the prestigious society. His induction took place at Supreme Chapter 56 on July 27, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

Fellow Beta Omicron Chapter alumni David Morgan, Senior, who is his father, and Wes Breeden are also members of Nu Phi.

The Nu Phi Society was created in 1983 at the 39th Supreme Chapter in Mobile, Alabama. The initial purpose was to recognize the loyalty of alumni who demonstrated extraordinary commitment to the fraternity by their consistent attendance at Supreme Chapter.

Shortly after the very first meeting in 1983, the Nu Phi Society soon adopted a supporting role to the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation. Today, Nu Phi Society members annually contribute more than $35,000 in unrestricted revenue to the Foundation.

The Nu Phi Society holds a meeting every other year coinciding with Supreme Chapter.

Members who are in good standing with the Nu Phi Society are eligible to attend the esoteric ceremony and banquet. Nu Phi Society members are visible at each supreme chapter and can be identified by the gold medallion they wear. Like the membership badge, this is an important outward symbol of their commitment to Pi Kappa Phi and to the mission of the Foundation.

At the original banquet in 1983, 22 alumni were present. Since that evening, the Nu Phi Society has grown to a membership of approximately 130. The ranks of today’s Nu Phi Society are filled with some of the fraternity’s most active and committed volunteers.

During each Supreme Chapter, the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation hosts a banquet for the members of the Nu Phi Society. The festive table is a black-tie event that commemorates the original Nu Phi Society of 1904 by serving the same meal the fraternity’s founders enjoyed after their first founder’s day celebration at the College of Charleston in 1906.

The evening is a light-hearted and fun affair, consisting of revelry, camaraderie and toasts to celebrate a member’s commitment to the fraternity.

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