Pi Kapps use scaffold to build new perception of people with disabilities

Pi Kapps use scaffold to build new perception of people with disabilitiesThe Pi Kapps would spend 48 hours perched atop the rigging, hoping for a chance to tear-down false perceptions about people with disabilities. Seeing members on the scaffold was sure to have passersby talking, providing the perfect springboard for conversation. Beta Omicron Chapter is committed to the Fraternity’s philanthropy, Push America.

Each year NSU members raise thousands of dollars to fund projects that impact and enhance the lives of those with disabilities. From September 19-21, activities drew other students to rally at the scaffold in the name of service.

Phi Mu Fraternity claimed victory in a penny war between the four College Panhellenic Council sororities. Members Chase Harvey, Cameron Moises, and Chris Alley didn’t walk away without pie on their faces. Supporters placed donations in jars to determine which member would take plate of whipped cream to the face. Cameron Moises lost (or won, depending on your outlook).

More than 560 dollars were donated to Push America, a chapter record for the annual scaffold sit.

While the metal pipes and plywood scaffold were taken down at the end of the project, members can stand back and admire the intangible foundation of empathy.

The project aims to deconstruct the emphasis on a person’s disability, rather shift the focus to their abilities. Students are encouraged to use “people-first” language that recognizes a person is not defined by a disability.

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