Pi Kappa Phi alumni take leadership roles in Natchitoches Jaycees board

Pi Kappa Phi alumni take leadership roles in Natchitoches Jaycees boardLeadership of the Natchitoches Jaycees is passing from the hands of one Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity alumnus to another. Jason Stelly was elected president of the organization for 2014, succeeding fellow Pi Kapp Alan Pasch.

A member of Jaycees for five years, Stelly says he is inspired by the level of pride that service brings to the community. “I was very lucky to be where I am today from the charity of others.  I’ve learned that the small things can make a big impact especially in a town as small as Natchitoches.”

As president, Stelly is aiming to increase awareness about the organization’s work. He wants other to know that Jaycees “serves as a beacon of support for people and organizations in need.”

Pi Kappa Phi alumnus Jason Stelly

Stelly will direct the organization’s members and committees, as well as running all meetings and formal events. “I will oversee over $80,000 worth of fundraising that will be returned into the Natchitoches community.” The organization’s annual community projects include: handing out carnations were handed out at area nursing homes on Valentine’s Day, the Barbeque Festival, a golf tournament, Skeet Shoot Competition, hosting the Natchitoches Area Ducks Unlimited Banquet, the M.A.S.H. Christmas Toy Drive, working as Santa Claus during the Natchitoches Festival of Lights, and twice a year $4,000 is given to random charities.

Of the nine executive board members for the Natchitoches Area Jaycees, five are alumni of Pi Kappa Phi. David Green, Josh Alost, Chad Hancock, Alan Pasch and Stelly are all active in the organization. Stelly credits the fraternity for instilling the importance of leadership development in its members. “I think that it is a clear indication of the type of leadership needed in the real world that is taught in Pi Kapp.”

Stelly is also a member of the Beta Omicron Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Association and serves as the member education advisor for the student chapter.

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